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Fan art is an important part of the Sonic SatAM community.

When SatAM was finally released on DVD in the early 2000s, rather than commission professional artists to do the box art, or simply using stills from the show, the publisher (Wildbrain) celebrated the fandom by asking folks to submit their own artwork.

If you somehow get your hands on a copy of the original Wildbrain release of the SatAM DVD boxset, you'll see a beautiful collage of SatAM fan art, drawn in various styles. Each piece of art is bursting with creativity and passion, and at the center of it all is a lovingly crafted poster by Ken Penders. Even those who loathe this man can't seem to bring themselves to say anything negative about his effort here. That must be what happens when you have something that is the product of this much love.

Today, the DVDs are available in a variety of forms that no longer feature this exquisite piece of art. For those who are able to see it, the original DVD box/cd art exists as an historical artifact; telling the viewer a story about how passionate and devoted this fandom is without needing to utter a word.

This was an experience that I wanted to recapture.

It was in that vein that I decided to commission new title screen art for each Sonic RPG episode, each from a different artist. Scroll down to see the art that's been commissioned for Sonic RPG thus far!

Title Screen (Demo) (2019)
Title Screen (Episode 1: Entropy) (2020)
by Riggo

Box Art (Episode 1: Entropy) (2020)
by SegaMew

Title Screen (Episode 2: In the Belly of the Beast) (2021)
by Sqrly Jack

Title Screen (Episode 3: Return to Iron Lock) (2021)
by InkPants

Title Screen (Episode 4: Gearhead)(2022)
by Ringmaster


Title Screen (Episode 5: The Fastest Thing Alive Pt 1)(2022)
by Keith Rowsell


Episode 6 Art Coming Soon!

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